Professional private flat water sea kayak instruction just minutes from Toronto

Come kayak with us at beautiful Musselman's Lake Stouffville!

Lessons are customized to your needs

 Professional private kayak instruction

LESSON DURATION: Our lesson will be 3 hours long.   

LOCATION: Musselman's Lake Stouffville Ontario


STEP 1: Book your Date/Time from here

STEP 2: Pay eTransfer of $100 per person to bphilp@gmail.com

STEP 3: Register each person at this link

STEP 4: Print, sign and bring your waiver 

*Lessons are limited to 2 people and full payment is required within 24 hours of placing your booking 

TEACHING SEASON: Our season usually runs from June until September.

LESSON PLANS: Here's a taste of what we'll cover in our lessons together. Depending on your current ability and interests we can customize your lessons too.  All necessary equipment is provided or you're welcome to bring your own.

Step 1: Getting to know the equipment, safety and conditions

Understand the kayak parts and how to use the paddle is our focus.

Step 2: Paddle strokes 

We'll introduce the basic strokes to move and position the kayak in different situations.

Step 3: Rescue techniques

Next we'll cover different methods for recovering from a capsized kayak.

ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTOR: Brett has been kayaking since 1990 and has professional certifications with Paddle Canada.  His experiences include trip guiding, soloing, whitewater as well as teaching special needs students, beginners, and the elderly.


Q: Do you teach kids under 18?

A: We do not teach children under 18 years of age.   Kids under 18 yrs of age learn best as part of a larger group - the trick to improving their experience in the group lesson is finding a camp program that offers a better student to teachers/assistants ratio (some classes have far too many kids per instructor causing the kids to be bored).

There are some exceptions of course... typically kids with special needs are better suited to private lessons and it really depends on the specific abilities and needs... if that's your situation let me know more details and we can perhaps give further advice on the best approach to take.  :)

Q: What should I wear?

A: A bathing suit for in water lesson time.  You will get wet.  Avoid cotton clothing.   Check the tips section below for additional guidance on clothing.





What are you waiting for?  

For more information please email Brett and let's get kayaking!


"It was a great session and one that was enjoyable thanks to your dry wit! I am sure future participants are in for a jolly good time.  I will definitely leave a positive review on the site you'd linked as many more need to enjoy our fabulous waters." -- SG

"Thank you so much Brett. We did have a great time.  Definitely we will be recommending you to others." --TP

"We enjoyed today and got a lot out of it, and we both thought you were a pleasure to be on the water with. Well worth the trip : ) " --TD

"Again, we are super happy having taken your lesson...that was probably the best outdoors day I've had.  Way better than camp as a kid." --LB 

"A big thanks for your lesson I had a wonderful time and can’t wait to kayak. I appreciate that you had a clear plan for the lesson- rather than just providing an opportunity to play with a kayak. And the safety and rescue practice wasn’t something I would have asked to do but was probably the most valuable part of the lesson. I will definitely recommend your lesson" --JT

"Thanks Brett!  We really enjoyed our time with you.  We learned a lot and now have increased confidence on the water because we KNOW we can do assisted rescue " -- CT

"We bought kayaks last summer and after 5-6 short day trips on area rivers we wanted to learn how to handle our yaks better, and also learn how to get back into our boats after capsizing. We spent an afternoon with Brett and wished we had done it sooner. We learned about our kayaks, our gear, and basic strokes which will allow us to enjoy our paddling even more. And we are now more confident to take on more advanced adventures. The safety training and rescue skills Brett teaches are essential - everything from how to monitor weather to getting back into your kayak and rescuing others. Such a capable instructor and an even better person. Highly recommended. " -- KS & LG

"We loved the lesson and had the best afternoon!! I’m so glad we found you!!  You were the perfect teacher for us and we both learned a lot.  Your lake is an awesome place to learn these skills in a calmer and safer environment than Lake Ontario. Both of our paddle strokes improved a great deal over the course of the lesson." -- AH

"I had a lot of fun, I definitely feel more comfortable being in my kayak after our lesson. You made the lesson very enjoyable and  wanting to learn more.  I will definitely be reaching out to you next spring for another lesson" --JM